is part of the services provided at “Diet Plus”, a nutritional center for the whole family, which covers various services related to nutrition and good health (individual adult diet programs, cooperation with Personal Trainers and an experienced cook). Responsible for the center is Sandrine Oskian.

Responsible for the “Paidi-Diatrofi” is Maria-Christina Alexopoulou. Maria-Christina Alexopoulou graduated in 2004 from Malliaras Secondary school with the grade of 19,2 “Excellent”. In 2008 she graduated from the Harokopeio University of Athens in the department of “Nutrition and Dietetics” with the grade of 7,8 “Very good”. In the year 2009 she completed her post-graduate studies with the title: ‘’Ηuman Nutrition with Specialization in Public Health’’ at the University of Glasgow with the grade of B “Merit”.


From October 2007 until May 2008 she completed her internship in various hospitals of Athens where she worked with patients, took interviews, gave them nutritional advice and individual diets. More specifically:

  • Paidon Agia Sofia: Nutritional support to children with body weight problems (underweight, overweight, obese), cystic fibrosis and other nutrition-related situations (Lipidemias, Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Loss of Appetite)
  •  Sotiria: Τreatment of pneumonic diseases (asthma, dyspnea), as well as thyroid disorders.
  • Alexandra: Treatment of cancer patients and patients with cardiac problems (arrhythmia, coronary disease, heart failure, hypertension) and nutritional guidance to pregnant women. She also attended and gave nutritional advice and guidance at the external obesity office.
  • Agia Olga: Treatment of diabetic incidences, as well as patients in the ICU.
  • Thriaseio: Treatment of gastrenteric (diarrhoea, vomiting, cholelithiasis, cholangitis) and renal incidences (neurotic syndrome, haemodialysis, diabetic nephropathy).


  • February 2009-April 2009: She was involved in a research program at the University of Glasgow which was completed in various schools of the area in order to increase the low breast-feeding rates in Glasgow.
  • May 2009-October 2009: She completed her internship as a nutritionist at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. She also did her dissertation there, which was: “Validation of an infant allergenic Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) by comparing its data with the data obtained from a 2-week food diary”. She also participated in a research program where it was examined how mother’s nutrition during pregnancy can influence the expression of allergies on the child later in life. More specifically, she was responsible for:
    • The study’s design
    •  The participants’ recruitment (parents of children 5 to 11 months)
    • The collection and data analysis
    • The preparation of paper for publication
  • October 2009-today: She is a research associate in the “Child’s Health Center at Kaisariani” where she is responsible for the treatment of children and adolescents with body weight problems. In this program she collaborates with various professionals in the health field such as pediatritians, psychologists and social workers.
  • October 2010-today: She is a volunteer at the “Health Center of Palaio Faliro” where she is responsible for the treatment of children and adolescents with body weight problems.


  1. 48th Pediatric Conference, Mykonos 21-23 May 2010. Topic: Assessment of the attitude and the behaviour of Kaisariani high-school students regarding breakfast. Tzini E, Antoniadou I, Iliodromiti Z, Barda I, Xekalaki A, Prasouli A, Sofianou K, Alexopoulou M-Ch, Monopolis G.

Maria-Christina Alexopoulou is a member of the Panhellenic Organization of Nutritionists-Dieticians, as well as a member of the Greek Lipidiology and Atherosclerosis Association.

Finally, she was a professional swimmer for 10 years with participation in many Panhellenic and International races with the team of Palaio Faliro (AOPF).