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  • February 2009-April 2009: She was involved in a research program at the University of Glasgow which was completed in various schools of the area in order to increase the low breast-feeding rates in Glasgow.
  • May 2009-October 2009: She completed her internship as a nutritionist at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. She also did her dissertation there, which was: “Validation of an infant allergenic Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) by comparing its data with the data obtained from a 2-week food diary”. She also participated in a research program where it was examined how mother’s nutrition during pregnancy can influence the expression of allergies on the child later in life. More specifically, she was responsible for:
    • The study’s design
    •  The participants’ recruitment (parents of children 5 to 11 months)
    • The collection and data analysis
    • The preparation of paper for publication

George Mertikas

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